RIVE is an experiential agency with a focus on design, video and live productions.

Our unique business model and agile approach to creative work power us to do better work, faster. We build custom multi-disciplinary teams for each engagement and deploy our Left Brain/Right Brain Process to execute efficiently.

our LEFT/RIGHT BRAIN process

Our process was developed by the RIVE team through years of learning and the completion of hundreds of projects. We firmly believe that an iterative approach, where ideas are tested and improved upon, led by multi-dimensional teams creates better outcomes.

Instead of thinking linearly, we challenge our creative teams and project management teams to adhere to an agile methodology where process and creative are treated as one.

This process allows us to start anywhere, be it from a budget parameter, target audience, desired outcome, or wild idea.

Left Brain

Right Brain

  • Learn
    See / Feel
  • Plan
  • Build
  • Iterate
  • Execute
  • Review

Our Reel


After a decade working in the agency world Ned saw the creative landscape shifting dramatically. Technology, an emerging comfort with virtual teams, multi-disciplined creative talent, and the evolution of the internet led Ned to the conclusion that the traditional business model was no longer working.

Ned believes that great creative can come from anywhere, that technology should be used to drive cost down and efficiency up, and that RIVE’s employees, partners and clients should all have a pretty great time doing the work they love.

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Ned Irons


Susan is RIVE’s lead strategist and works with our biggest clients to ensure that their business objectives are aligned with our creative strategy. Susan’s skills are many and varied, but she focuses on running teams and building processes that wring the most out of every dollar and every idea. She’ll gladly tell you this herself, but she also serves as part-time therapist to RIVE staffers and clients alike.

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Susan Klein

Chief Strategy Officer


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